Ready to Where? features the adventures of Athena Park, editor-in-chief of The Fashion Source, a major online fashion magazine. Athena gets invited to the most covetable parties, events, and fashion shows, and interacts with the most elite, interesting characters in New York City.  But she constantly struggles to balance her work, friendships, and the quest for Mr. Right in a city where there are a lot of Mr. Wrongs.

“I started working as a fashion editor 2 years ago,” says series creator Andrea Grant. “I’ve always wanted to do a fashion comic and portray the hilarity of this industry, where people are sometimes caricatures of themselves.  Fashion moves so fast, and it infiltrates music, film, art, and design – so of course there’s always something epic happening.”

Grant is a professional writer, editor, and multimedia artist.  She is the Managing Editor of The Fashion Spot and the President and founder of Copious Amounts Press. Ms. Grant has published essays, poetry and photographs in numerous publications internationally, and is the author of a graphic novel series called Andrea Grant’s MINX, which merges Native American mythology with contemporary fantasy.

Ready to Where? gives readers insight into the fashion world through a unique, entertaining medium. “We are thrilled to be launching Ready to Where?, the first ever fashion inspired webcomic series,” says Grant. “We developed this series to allow women an entertaining escape into the world of fashion through the adventures of our heroine, Athena Park. Comic books aren’t just for guys anymore.”

Athena - Ready to Where

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