Andrea Grant Creator/Writer

Andrea Grant is a professional writer, editor, and multimedia artist.  She is the Managing Editor of The Fashion Spot and the President and founder of Copious Amounts Press. Ms. Grant has published essays, poetry and photographs in numerous publications internationally, and is the author of a graphic novel series called Andrea Grant’s MINX, which merges Native American mythology with contemporary fantasy:

Liza Biggers Artist

Liza Biggers is a professional illustrator known for her unique style of depicting women, their beauty, and commensurate strengths of their character. Her work has been seen in numerous magazines, and her commissions are popular on the gallery circuit.

Rey Arzeno Artist

In 2008, Rey Arzeno was brought into the comic book industry by Drumfish productions when he became the colorist on their upcoming book Neverminds. During Rey’s first convention appearance,  Andrea Grant took notice of his artwork and signed him on to help relaunch her book Andrea Grant’s MINX.  In 2009, Andrea was chosen by G4tv as one of the Hottest Women of the Web. This meant that Rey’s art was broadcast on national television, and has led to more upcoming projects, such as Honus Production’s book Breakers. You can see more of Rey’s work on the following sites:,

Thomas Mauer Letterer

Thomas Mauer has worked as a letterer, designer, art director, and editor for a wide variety of publishers including AAM/Markosia, Archaia Studio Press, Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics, Oni Press, and Silent Devil Inc. He has had a hand in a number of Harvey and Eisner Award nominated and winning titles, including Image Comics’ POPGUN anthology series and the webcomic The Guns of Shadow Valley.  His site is at

Christian Beranek Producer

Christian Beranek is a graphic novelist and film/TV producer with several projects in production at Walt Disney Studios. He has written prequel material for the motion pictures Se7en, Babylon AD and Max Payne. In addition, he has consulted on brand integration for such companies as Universal Music, Harley Davidson and Mazda. Beranek’s current focus is launching properties as webcomics with the intention of expanding them into other media. Updates on his progress can be found on his twitter page:

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